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Providing Snowmobile Traction for over a DECADE.

Since 1989, Bottom Line Traction Products has been constantly developing traction control for the snowmobile industry. Our idea was to provide the best product money can buy. We would make a better bar for a reasonable price and we wouldnít quit until we got it right.

Bottom Line Traction Products kept to a low key for the first few years. The idea was to quietly market our products and prove to our customers that they are the best traction products available. We donít like to give away our secrets, but we built Bottom Line Traction Products on one simple philosophy. Keep it simple and make it the best.

Today, Bottom Line Traction Products leads the way with new ideas and innovations. Among some are offering 60 degree carbides as a standard size across our entire Dominator line-up. We are also the only manufacturer to offer 75 degree carbide across our Aggressor series. We use a flat top on all our high-strength steel wearbars, which prevents bar-roll and keeps the carbide perpendicular to the ground.

We utilize Trade Shows to help improve the distribution network, by showing potential customers our products first hand. We then refer them to a local dealer, who in turn orders through the distributors. We invest a lot of time and money in promotion for the benefit of the distributor and dealer. In the end, the customer gets the best traction products money can buy.

When other manufacturers offered 90 degree carbide as standard on their wearbars, Bottom Line offered 60 degree. This sharper angle continues to provide the snowmobiler with maximum control in all conditions. Other manufacturers have since followed and now offer 60 degree carbide, but only in their "Top of the Line" wearbars. Bottom Line continues to use 60 degree carbide on all DOMINATOR series wearbars, including the new "Price Point" wearbars.

In 1995, Bottom Line came out with something revolutionary. Sixty degree carbide seemed too aggressive for some riders, but 90 degree basically only replaced hard-weld, so something in between was needed. After extensive research, Bottom Line designed the 75 degree carbide wearbar.

The AGGRESSOR series has 75 degree carbide as standard. This revolutionary idea is perfect for all riders who want a bar to last longer but not be too aggressive.  Another standard offered on all Bottom Line wearbars is a flat on the top of the bar. This provides a larger surface area to keep the bar from "rolling" and keep the carbide perpendicular to the ground for maximum bite and control.

Our goals are big, our goals are focused, but our biggest goal is to offer the end user an Award Winning product with value and one we are proud to say is from Bottom Line Traction Products.


Bottomline Traction Products - Home of the Dominator and Aggressor wearbars for snowmobiles.

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